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The Honda.

During the 1992 season the Honda was built by Jim Morgan at JTM services near Haslemere. The whole project, starting from scratch, was completed in a little over five months with many of the parts coming from well known sources. The suspension was from a Group C2 Spice sports car together with Hewland transaxle, centre lock BBS wheels and AP air jacks. The Ford Cosworth engine was originally built by Andy Rouse and then modified by Alan Sherwood before finally it went to Harvey Gibb in Peterborough. Intercooler and Radiator assemblies were made by Brise Fabrications in Dartford.

The bodywork was all uniquely made by Dove Engineering in Alton, Hants. During the last couple of years that we owned the car the aerodynamics were subtly modified to enable us to compete against the more nimble Super Touring Cars. Endplates were added to the rear wing, an extended front splitter was added with small winglets and the underneath of the floor was altered to tidy up airflow with the aid of a rather nice diffuser.

It was a heart breaking moment in October 2003 to see the Honda go, but the buyer is sure to give the beast more time out on the track than we could. Peter Thurston now owns the car that Rod built during 1992 and which has beaten far more modern Super Touring Cars than we care to mention.  Peter is one of the most honest, enthusiastic and spectacular drivers we know, but time will tell if he will manage to get the same sideways action as he does with his splendid V8 MK1 Escort.

UPDATE. The car is currently in moth balls. (August 2006)

Late 1992

The Honda was created in the JTM Services workshop in Haselmere.

Late 1992

Jim Morgan, the designer had previously created cars that were used for the film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang".

Late 1992

Trying the car for size.

Rear Hub

The suspension and hub assemblies were the same as could be found on any Spice Group C2 endurance sports car.

The 'New' Office

Looking Familiar

And then it was painted Black and fitted with the essential Cosworth engine.


Sponsor's aplenty. This was taken during 1993 at the Castle Combe round of the Thundersaloon Championship.

Brands Hatch 1993

Rounding Druids Hairpin in 1993, followed by the pack.

The Powerplant

Every year the engine are was removed and shipped to Harvey Gibb in Peterborough. The Black top engine belongs to the Honda. The red one is from the Escort.

Cosworth Power

For the last couple of seasons that we raced the Honda the engine management was updated. The electrics were outdated compared to the competitions. The much newer Super Touring Cars.

2nd April 2000

On the exit of Paddock Hill Bend during the Formula Saloon Race at Brands Hatch.

8th September 2002

Paddock Hill Bend, Brands Hatch. For the more eagle eyed of you, notice the revised front and rear spoilers. A small aero modification to keep the "old girl" on par with the more modern Super Touring Cars.

8th September 2002

Druids Hairpin, Brands Hatch.

No prizes for guessing who's tyres we use ?

8th September 2002

31st August 2003

31st August 2003

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